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One of the most obtrusive and annoying logos in the history of comics...and yeah, Greg Land...sheesh. Ibraim Roberson get's one Uncanny issue in the entirety of his career and Land get's to trace his way through the closing issues of this volume of Uncanny X-Men.  
And yeah, pete. Land can't reference/trace the same person sequentially.   
I also hope to God that Fear Itself ends next issue for Uncanny X-Men. Oh and Imperious Rex always has the time to smang it!!! 
Got some good news and some bad news...Uncanny will have 4 total Fear Itself tie ins...but hey we'll get two Schism related issues to close things out. Oh wait...I don't like the idea of schism and likely won't be reading it. Well, time to reconsider dropping Uncanny from my pull list all together...

Posted by keith71_98

Totally disagree with the Jeff Land take. I could care less about photo referencing if the art is good. I found it to be solid. Yes, Land always suffers from out of context cheese whiz smiles but look at goofy character faces from stylized fan favorites like Bachalo (who's work I can't stand). The Juggernaut splash page is one of the reasons I like Land. 
I really enjoyed the book, much more than the previous few.  
But regardless, good review PP.

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