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GREG Land! It was Greg the whole time. 0


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Needs More Juggernaut, Less Magik 0

Juggernaut makes his way to San Francisco for some convoluted reasons that don't really make much sense... The Good I'm usually a fan of Land's covers, this one is a very nice take on Juggs. When Land's not drawing women he can be okay.   Land draws a great looking Juggy, he's also more or less drawn the Default Cyclops of the oughts.   The anti-mutant sentiment in San Francisco has some potential and could pay off if minded properly in future stories. There was some interesting dialog during Cy...

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This Poor Book Just Can't Get Away From Fraction 0

Starting with this issue, Uncanny X-Men begins stumbling its way through Fear Itself as best it can, which does not make for a great issue. Kieron Gillen certainly tries to make the most of it, but the Fear Itself event really does not present him with much to work with.  It is almost cruel in a way. Shortly after taking the reins of Uncanny X-Men from Matt Fraction, here Gillen is having to tie the series into Fraction's Fear Itself event. Gillen has to revolve this story around Juggernaut as o...

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One of the few good Fear Itself tie-ins... 0

"Uncanny X-Men" #540 jumps into "Fear Itself" with the the Serpent possessed Juggernaut marching towards San Francisco to pour out judgment and cleansing. But the majority of the issue focuses on some current issues between team members who are unaware of the coming threat.The "Fear Itself" tie-ins haven't been that impressive with the exception of Iron Man's book. That's why I was pleasantly surprised to see how much I enjoyed this issue.  The Juggernaut threat bookends Kieron Gillen's meat an...

3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

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