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    Not just revenge 0

    I reckon Kruun had a long time on his own to think of a plan on how to defeat the X-Men, get even with Colossus and Kitty and most important of all, clean his heavy, ugly conscience that he failed his people by letting Breakworld fall - i liked a lot the pace of this issue, Gillen really nailed in the Hitchcock and thrill genre going on, also from the beginning he set the kind of dynamics and action which would be expected from the issue, with a twist in the end, so it´s great reading a comic bo...

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    1,2 Kruun is Coming for You...3,4 He's at the door. 0

    Kruun begins his long awaited revenge against the X-Men and no one is spared his wrath.   The Good I really like the dialog between Kruun and Colossus before they go at it.  I like the way that Kruun uses the resources around him. using the shards of the break world bullet to construct a weapon capble of countering Kitty's phasing was a slick move. Some of you may wonder about how this is working, but I think the answers are in his conversation about the metal's properties last issue.  Kruun let...

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