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Now You See Her... 0

Kruun's plans for revenge begin to come to light and he has made sure that most of the X-Men are powerless to stop him. Can Kitty Pryde find a way to warn the others in time or will Kruun’s suicide mission be the end of the X-Men and Utopia? The Good It looks like we might finally start to get some resolution to the entire Kitty Pryde intangibility issue and thank goodness because I can’t take it anymore. Along with this, Kruun’s plans are finally fully revealed to us and the action begins to ...

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Story is okay, and the art is great. Couple of loopholes though.. 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!S ...

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How can you scream for help in silence? 0

   Cover I really love the cover because I am a big Kitty Pryde fan. She is my third favorite character and she really has grown as a character for so many years now. I also like the words on the cover “screaming silence, bleeding violence because that is exactly what happened in this issue. Kitty can’t scream for help and there is violence going on all around her. Story Kruun comes for revenge but the only one who can get help is Kitty but she has no voice to scream for help. So who will h...

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Words like violence, break the silence 0

This issue has two problems that tear my logical thinking apart. The first one being: how does Kruun's blade can hurt Kitty while she can't touch it? Wouldn't it just, you know, have the effect of a stone thrown into Casper? How does her hand passes through it but it cuts her shoulder at the same time? The second is when you're planning on taking down half of the X-Men's the-first-you-will-go-to-in-case-if-an-alien-is-killing-your-boyfriend roster I'm pretty sure you don't leave Wolverine for la...

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1,2 Kruun is Coming for You...3,4 He's at the door. 0

Kruun begins his long awaited revenge against the X-Men and no one is spared his wrath.   The Good I really like the dialog between Kruun and Colossus before they go at it.  I like the way that Kruun uses the resources around him. using the shards of the break world bullet to construct a weapon capble of countering Kitty's phasing was a slick move. Some of you may wonder about how this is working, but I think the answers are in his conversation about the metal's properties last issue.  Kruun let...

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Not just revenge 0

I reckon Kruun had a long time on his own to think of a plan on how to defeat the X-Men, get even with Colossus and Kitty and most important of all, clean his heavy, ugly conscience that he failed his people by letting Breakworld fall - i liked a lot the pace of this issue, Gillen really nailed in the Hitchcock and thrill genre going on, also from the beginning he set the kind of dynamics and action which would be expected from the issue, with a twist in the end, so it´s great reading a comic bo...

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A GREAT Build to Climax 0

So the Breakworlders are out to get bloody revenge.  Kruun has disabled all of the X-Men by various means including zapping their powers.  He took Kitty out of her suit so she is intangible and no one can hear her.  It's like a great horror movie.  There's a monster and you can't call for help.  Overall a great continuation of the Gillen run.  There was just one little plot device that pissed me off and almost soured me on the whole issue.  The knife Kruun makes can hurt Kitty.  That makes sense...

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