razzatazz's The Uncanny X-Men #534 - Quarantine: Part Five review

I don't often read X-Men

I picked up this issue somewhat randomly tonight just to check it out and I mostly liked what I saw.  I liked how I, the unitiated, was caught up almost immediately by the lead-in page.  This is an excellent feature to have in a comic.  The first panel actually made me laugh with Emma trying to run away from Sebastian Shaw, and complaining that she shouldn't wear heels.  

Incidentally I felt that this was the better two of the subplots.  In the other one Lobe has stolen the X-Men's powers and the team, despite being infected by a strain of the flu, goes to get them back.  This part had all the action, the Emma Frost part had all the intrigue.  The backup story about young heroes being tested I thought was also very well written.  It explored a lot of issues which are often overlooked in comics - trust, experience, maturation.  As a non X-fan reading this comic I can say that I saw enough to make me want to read more.  
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Posted by SC

I am keen to her your opinion of the art Razzatazz. I agree with your stance about the two plot threads. Still, I find the characterization off still. Its improved a lot, so I suspect you won't find it as grating, but still. I remember that Emma moment with the heels, I was thinking of scanning it in for you. lol

Posted by RazzaTazz

The art?  Its ok, not my really my favourite style.  I havent read any of this in a while and I found Emma to be not so gratuitously drawn as people make her out to be.  

Posted by SC
@RazzaTazz:  Could I make one humble request please Razzatazz? You know how you get notification that someone has commented on your review... we don't lol I can never tell when you reply or not? (just on reviews) (could you use the reply button is what I am asking, please, please when it comes to reviews!!!!!)

The artist has toned down Emma considerably from what thy use to draw her as... still, the characters don't have awkward expressions, and looks? Maybe I am just to critical... Oh, and I forget this issue had two pencilers... 

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