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The Uncanny X-Men #534 Review

Uncanny X-Men this month is great storytelling. That’s nuts. Uncanny X-Men is known for that but... not always. So the writing is good and it makes it fun automatically. A lot of stories like to show different perspectives or tell individual stories, this story shows that concept in a classic way. Fantastic!

Wolverine is hilarious. He had these weapons right for the battle? Wow it was funny. They didn’t even mention it. 

Characters of the Utopia era are well-defined. The personalities are off but they stay true to who they currently are. That’s always true of the Utopia arc. I love the island idea. That’s like the only thing that I can compare to the mansion. 

If the story keeps up I’ll review it each month over X-Men. 

X-Men #9 has Gambit blasting a giant lizard thoughso...

The fighting action in this issue was sharp and action packed. Every X-Men fan wants to know if they delivered it this month and they did this issue.

Oh! Also this is the conclusion of a 5 issue arc! I didn’t even notice. I hadn’t read the early issues. That’s a good issue to stand alone like that.

The issue has a happy ending and that makes it perfect. Thank you Uncanny X-Men!

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