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Review: Uncanny X-Men #534

With the flu saturated to its worst intensity, Emma and Cyke get more aggressive about putting Shaw and the Lobe down.

The Good

John Sublime and his U-Men were some of my favorite villains from Grant Morison's New X-Men run, so I'm so pleased to see their threat mutating into these "designer casual" mutant huffers. While Emma's bloodless solution to Shaw was really cool, it's Cyclops nasty counter maneuver on the Lobe's virus play that really made this for me. Nothing like turning you enemy's weapon against him!

The Bad

Reading this the same week as adjective-less X-Men, I can't help but me wish that the books had separate line-ups. Heroes pulling double or triple duty is hardly new but, with so many mutants in Utopia, you'd figure there'd be enough names to fill at least three line-ups. 

The Verdict - 4/5

For a comic that's about biology at the core (if you think about it,) you'd figure that germ warfare would happen more often. Thus, I'm quite entertained seeing all the angles on that particular threat explored, here - - powers getting stolen, power getting sold, viruses of the mind, viruses of the body, etc. - - with such precise wit and polish from Gillen and Fraction.
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Posted by Sobe Cin

I enjoyed the comic quite a bit, but found it to be a waste of money with the Avengers Academy crap put into it at the end. They could have at least done a 1-off adventure with the New X-Men kids instead of reprint a story from a completely different line.

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