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Deconstructing Magneto

  Why you Should Read This - No matter how good the writer is, it´s always hard to make a transition from a writer to another, especially when the person who´s leaving did such an impact in the X-Men lives as Matt Fraction did, but this issue proved to me that Kieron Gillen has all that it takes to lead the Uncanny X-Men into marvelous and surprising adventures, with a strong narrative and grasp in the characters. So this issue is the landmark of this transition, now that Fraction is gone for good doing his "Fear Itself" thing, Gillen proved that he can do much more than he´s doing in Generation Hope (that´s a weak title in my opinion) with brighter and smarter dialogues.
What´s the Best Thing about this - I really enjoyed the dialogues - especially the ones with Kate and Erik - and the story itself, but the best for me undoubtedly was Carlos Pacheco´s art. I´m following Pacheco for a long time now and I think he reached a point of maturity that blowed my mind away (I guess Cam Smith helped him a little), but I think this is one of his best works so far, a great portrait of the X-Men and the action pages were really the best. You can notice his maturity by only checking out the cover!!
What about the Point One? Did it work?
- Many people are compaining about the "Point One" releases of Marvel and the usual argument is that it failed by delivering a story susceptible for new readers and I haven´t read other issues, but this one of the X-men sure achieved it´s goal. The story is about how to show the people that Magneto now is one of the good guys and while focusing in that, allowed the X-Men to save San Francisco one more time, explaining the whys of them moving to the West Coast and the reasons for Utopia, so yes, I think this is accessible to new readers, no problem.
Overall this was a great issue, with amazing and incredible art (pencils, inks and colors) and interesting dialogues with a decent story, Highly Recommended for all X-Men´s fans!
4.5 out 5

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