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PR for the X-men



I enjoyed this cover a lot just because it has the whole team and everyone on the cover had a part in this issue.


A PR group wants to give the X-men and good name especially Magneto so they come to help them out. Also the X-men go fight people from AIM who is going to create an earthquake in the San Francisco area.

Best Part

I really liked the idea of a PR group coming to help the X-men because a big problem for the X-men is the general public. I think they need people to fix their name and maybe they will accept them as heroes and not fear them. Something that I notice a lot in team titles is that the writer sometimes does not get a great feel for all the characters and sometimes depicts the characters differently from what they really are. But in this issue I think they really had all the characters right on the money and they used them all in the issue. I really like to see this in a team title because we all want to see out favorite characters and we get upset when they get ignored. This issue was a .1 issue and I was glad to see that we finally have a starting point for fans to jump in and read a series that is developing nicely.

Bad Part

Even though I like .1 issues for comic readers that have not read the series yet and want to catch up a little. I also hate .1s sometimes. Especially if you have been reading the series it is kind of a boring issue .1s because you know nothing is going to happen. So, when you have .1 you have to have an interesting story but for this issue I just did not think it was interesting enough to get new readers to read this title. The .1 is a sign for new readers to start reading and get a little sample of the series but if they don’t like what they see they are not going to continue with the story. It is a one shot deal.  As a reader of Uncanny X-men for a while now I thought it was a good issue for introducing the PR people to the story. But for new readers they may think differently. So, my point is you may not get things accomplished in a .1 issue, which is understandable, but you still need to make the story good to grab the reader’s attention for them to want to continue the story.


I might not think this art is the best for the series but at the same time I am happy the art is not bad. So, in my opinion the art might be sketchy at times but I have still seen worse. The art still goes well with the story but at the same time there is nothing amazing about it.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!

3 ½ out of 5

Posted by yeopop

What's that girl doing with the helmet?

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