omertalvendetta's The Uncanny X-Men #533 - Quarantine: Part 4 review

Breaking Quarantine!

I really like the colors and the angles at which everyone is fighting.  My main pet peeve is the fact that it once again has characters that are not really in that fight.  Granted, they are in the comic, just not in that particular fight.  I know I shouldn't be too picky, since the art being unrelated to the interior is a very common occurrence.   Good cover, though.

The Good:  

Personally, I really like Emma Frost's characterization, especially seeing how she can easily switch between her offensive and defensive modes.   I also like it when they introduce new characters, and so to see characters like Verre, Burst, Thug and Bouncing Betty was actually pretty cool.  The art in the panel when Warren knocks out his enemy is really well drawn too, with Dazzler and the crew behind him. Mainly though, I was more interested in the story with Emma Frost that I was with the main quarantine story.  The ending was really neat too, though you know what will happen next issue since it's the culmination of this story arc.

The Bad:  

The whole intro boxes are getting somewhat annoying. Some of the art was great, as noted above, but some was bad, especially the panel showing the new characters.  Bouncing Betty in the front looks like crap.  I'm also not sure if Danger is supposed to look that mechanically impaired.  In actuality, she was just drawn terribly.
I've had the great opportunity to check out the entire arc and I feel that this particular issue was one of the strongest in this story, since the others, at least the art and some of the pacing, hasn't done a very good job.  This here, however, seems to show the story in a good manner, with the correct pacing and the art not being overly atrocious. 

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