jonesdeini's The Uncanny X-Men #532 - Quarantine: Part 3 review

Uncanny X-Men #532

Sebastian Shaw strikes back, The Collective man strikes out, and Lobe wants to strike a deal... 
The Good 
Fraction and Gillen have a great handle on Fantomex. In all of his appearances in this arc he's been absolutely humorous and fun to read. His back and forth with Emma's very well done, the two play off one another perfectly. After his actions last issue Emma's understandably more than a bit miffed at him. But in the guy's defense,I'm sure dropping Shaw from E.V.A. at 10,000 ft really seemed like a great idea at the time. Well now the trio is left to deal with a pissed and powered up Shaw, doesn't turn out well for them to say the least.  
The field active X-Men's battle with The Collective man was handled nicely, glad to see that thread neatly tied up. I like the team work exhibited in taking him down. Angel, Storm, Pixie, Dazzler, and Northstar all use their strengths to balance one another's weaknesses and successfully complete their mission. I especially like the interaction between Pixie and Dazzler.  
Sublime's X-Men try to help but end up being little more than well dressed cannon fodder. Storm and Angel decided to bring them back to Utopia for to question them for information concerning Lobe and what he has planned. I really like these kids, Warren comparing them to trekkies was an apt description. I love their genuine excitement no matter the situations they've found themselves in. They're like precocious toddlers that have no sense of the danger being in a lion's den poses. All they see is big kittens to play with. The moment that best displays this is when they're shown having the time of their lives in Utopia's brig and overjoyed at the prospect of being X-Men villains. You'd think these kids had died and went to heaven.  
Land's artwork is much more consistent in this issue than in past issues.He's still prone to his little quirks but they're much less present and irksome to me this trip around the block.  His faces match the dialog and there's 90% less cheesecake. There's two full page spreads that I'm particularly fond of one of Wolverine doing something I don't want to spoil and another of Sebastian Shaw about to lower the boom on Emma.  

The Bad 
Know how I noted there was 90% less Cheesecake this issue, well that's due to the fact that Land got nearly all of it out of his system on the cover. I mean really? I don't mind Emma sultrily posed, I mean that's a part of her character and reflective of her nature. But on this cover she looks like Stripperella with an uzi, actually, come to think of it she looks like Pam Anderson in Barb Wire. Not to mention the proportion issues here. With breasts that heaving and hefty it's hard to think that Emma'd find it possible to actually walk upright on those peg legs, let alone use that uzi effectively. And speaking of legs, Emma's right leg looks weird and she's got a case of Leifeld's disease on her left foot.  
He drew boy shorts on Danger, you know the sentient robot...yeah, that's...just...wrong and disturbing. I mean  do all females need to stick their hips out and pout provocatively in your world, even the robot ones? 
What lobe wants from Cyclops in exchange for the cure to the HXN1 virus is utterly ridiculous. I mean how can one own it let alone exchange it? Hopefully Fraction and Gillen will make some sense out of his words because if not, they're really shot this arc in the foot for me.  
Storm is more or less serving no purpose in Uncanny (and the marvel universe at large) these days. I've yet to be impressed by her recent portrayal in the title. She's one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, Queen of Wakanda (one of the worlds most powerful nations), and a natural leader who's successfully lead the X-Men in the past. Yet, what has she been doing? She promised Scott there'd be a reckoning for his actions during Second Coming/Messiah War and what's come of that interesting plot point? Absolutely nothing, not a single thing. All she's done since then is toss an occasional lighting bolt.   

The Verdict 
This comics a buy. It has it's faults but overall it's strengths far outweigh them and are strong enough for me to strongly recommend picking it up. While it was a slow start for me, everything's been moving into place to give this arc a strong and satisfying conclusion. 
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