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When your very body is betraying you, and you see life leaking out of your friends drop by drop, what would you give up for the cure? Cyclops discovers what the Sublime Corporation wants. Can he afford to pay it? Meanwhile, Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw reminisce over old times VIA THE STRONG LANGUAGE OF PUGILISM.

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Uncanny X-Men #532 0

Sebastian Shaw strikes back, The Collective man strikes out, and Lobe wants to strike a deal...  The Good Fraction and Gillen have a great handle on Fantomex. In all of his appearances in this arc he's been absolutely humorous and fun to read. His back and forth with Emma's very well done, the two play off one another perfectly. After his actions last issue Emma's understandably more than a bit miffed at him. But in the guy's defense,I'm sure dropping Shaw from E.V.A. at 10,000 ft really seemed ...

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Quarantine: Part 3 0

The X-Men on Utopia continue to struggle against a virus targeting their powers and slowly taking their lives. Emma, Kitty and Fantomex continue their secret journey to take care of Sebastian Shaw, as the remaining X-Men outside of Utopia continue their public relations work and come face-to-face with a team of self-made rich kid mutants.  The Pros I haven't been very into this Quarantine arc up until this issue. Everything seems to finally be coming together, with the Sublime Corporation offeri...

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