roter_sand's The Uncanny X-Men #531 - Quarantine: Part 2 review

More Good Things from Fraction, Land & Co.

Just as Fraction's last issue was a great beginning to a new arc, this issue is a great continuation of that. There are many things in this issue that make me excited to read and continue to read Uncanny, so let's take a closer look of this, the 531st issue, and see why.   
What was good? 
Many of the good things from the last issue carry over to this, such as Angel's team of X-Men, Lobe's team of X-Men, and the actual pencil-work. Beginning with Angel's team, I still like the fact that it's a group of mutants that you often never see together: Angel, Storm, Pixie, Northstar, and Dazzler. I also enjoy the fact that Angel is the leader. I feel he is by far the most under-appreciated and underused of the original X-Men, so it's nice seeing him in the limelight for once. Moving on to Lobe's team of X-Men, one has to love the idea for the plot, if not the execution. I know "dark" X-Men teams and various other spin-offs have been done before but this one still surprised me last issue and I like it. More things I like about this issue include Fraction's characterizations of Namor, Wolverine, and Emma Frost. I liked all these things, but, honestly, the best part of the issue is the reveal with Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. This storyline has been brewing for months, and it was great to see some development and witness a surprising (not really, actually) flashback into Emma's dark past.  
What was bad? 
Storm was kind of a let down this issue. With her reveal in the last being the best moment for me, I figured she would actually do something special, but no. I can also tell that Fraction doesn't write her nearly as well as other characters--she sounds like 90's Storm in this issue, regal, yet cheesy. I also wish that Fraction would have explained how Lobe's X-Men controlled their powers more as well. It took the original X-Men years before they were able to fully master their powers, but they have only been mutants for a few hours and they already seem to have it down pat. If you suddenly sprouted wings, you wouldn't be a very good flier to start out, now would you? 
What was ugly? 
I'm really questioning the point of including a gimp in the Emma flashback scene. That's about all I have to say about that.  
What's the verdict? 
4/5. I really like this issue, and I'm excited to read subsequent issues of this arc, but the truth is that not much happened in this issue, other than the awesome flashback. I still really recommend anyone who hasn't been reading this comic lately to pick up Uncanny ASAP.

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