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The Speed of Light

The Story - It´s the Five Lights episode two, where Hope continues to find and calm down the new mutants - this time is Gabriel Cohuelo (a very powerful mutant in my opinion - he´s faster than Quicksilver).
The Good - In this issue I think Fraction removed Hope from the center lights and arranged more space and time for other characters (like Psylocke, Emma Frost, Colossus, Kitty Pride, Logan); the new mutant story was ok, interesting, I´m curious to know the real extent of his powers. Logan and Scott talking about kurt and feelings and stuff was ok too, nice to see that Marvel have killed the character but he´s not forgotten yet. The art did improved in this issue - and I guess it´s Leonard Kirk´s help - as we can see more face expressions, more scenarios, more body movement and I didn´t catch any flaw this time.
The Bad - It´s still obscure what´s Hope function in this Five Lights thing: is she a catalyst and an equilibrium of the new mutants? Does she have the ability to help other mutants control their powers? I guess they are going to explain better in the next issues but I´m too eager to wait that long, I´d wanted some answers quick!! I didn´t like Emma´s dates with Tony and Namor, so now she´s the boss? She´d just used Scott for her own agenda and now is trying to turn the coat on him? Let´s see what´s behind all that. I´m not enjoying Kitty´s situation: come on X Club, fix the girl!!! And where´s the action? I know that Second Coming just finished, but are all the villains dead? It´s like a reality show now with this tittle. Show us a plot with adventure, field action and battles please.
The Cover - It´s insinuating something that didn´t existed, or, at least, that only Namor wanted, so I didn´t like it.
The Verdict - This tittle is improving but Fraction needs to pump up some gas and get things in motion: what are the X-Men now? Just a field trip group that helps Hope finding and calming the new mutants?
  4 out 5
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