marvelguy15's The Uncanny X-Men #527 - The Five Lights, Part Two: Velocidad review

Uncanny X-Men # 527 Review

I'll start off brutaully, but I am being as honest as p.  
 I'll start off brutaully, but I am being as honest as possibly can.This is probably the worst issue of   Uncanny X-Men Matt Fraction has written since he started way back on issue 500. In the issue Emma Frost is made the central character and she is written the least likeable ever since her HellFire Club days. Previous to this issue I persived (sorry about the horrible spelling) Emma to be someone who puts up this cold distant and rude image of a person, but really has a soft heart and willing to help people. That said I don't know what it was in this issue but Emma came off selfish and of self imposed royalty. She talks to the characters like dirt. it didn't make sense to have this mixed this with reaction writings of her. also in this issue we see the second light get his powers and it isn't clear what these powers are or how Hope uses her power to help him. At the end of the day though  liked Cyclops/Wolverine stuff as well as the Shadowcat/Colossus stuff.      

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      Cover The cover is okay but, not that great but, better than the art inside the issue. Story Another new mutant is found and he is going crazy during a test and Psylocke and Dr. Reyes know he is turning into a mutant. Emma is having lunch with Tony and Tony tells Emma that they should share all of their secrets. They say this in a flirty way. After Emma’s lunch with Tony she must go to the sick bay to help Peter and Kitty. The boy turning into a mutant is still changing and changing so much th...

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