haydenclaireheroes's The Uncanny X-Men #527 - The Five Lights, Part Two: Velocidad review

Emma being a bit too Flirty



The cover is okay but, not that great but, better than the art inside the issue.


Another new mutant is found and he is going crazy during a test and Psylocke and Dr. Reyes know he is turning into a mutant. Emma is having lunch with Tony and Tony tells Emma that they should share all of their secrets. They say this in a flirty way. After Emma’s lunch with Tony she must go to the sick bay to help Peter and Kitty. The boy turning into a mutant is still changing and changing so much that they can see him but, Psylocke knows he is there. Wolverine is at a bar with Cyclops and tells him that he should have emotion of the death of Kurt but, Cyclops doesn’t. At the sick bay Peter asks Emma if she can read Kitty’s mind to tell him what she is saying. At first Emma said no but; Kitty gave her a look and did it. Kitty tells Peter I love you and Emma did what she had to do. Back with the new mutant Hope arrives and uses her powers to find the boy. She finds him and the boy has turned into a mutant. Emma is having sushi with Namor and Namor tells Emma to leave Cyclops and be with him.

Best Part

I like seeing Kitty and I love how Peter will never leave her sight. I also loved to see Emma a little scared of Kitty. Kitty just has to give a look and Emma will do what she says. Also like Hope’s story and finding the new mutants.  

Worse Part

I do not like Emma in this issue. She is being very flirty with Namor and Tony. Also with Tony he doesn’t usually act like that and the writer wrote him out of his character. It was really bad because Emma was most of the story.


The art was not that great. In some close up panels with some characters they do not even have eyes and just have lines. It is also very sketchy. Tony in this issue has a really bad shirt on and it just does not look like him.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!! 


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