the_cyan_lantern's The Uncanny X-Men #527 - The Five Lights, Part Two: Velocidad review

2 Down, 3 to Go


   After finding the second light, the X-Men find themselves traveling to Mexico City where a young teenage boy is encountering is new gift. Meanwhile, Emma is circling around the previous men in her life as she thinks where she stands now.

The Good:

   A SECOND MUTANT! It's fun to open up a new issue and start to see the fall of these humans right before they enter their mutant lives.  This mutant happens to be a young boy named Gabriel Cohuelo who is one step away from leaving school when suddenly he reacts in school. His only reaction to do now is run, but he can't seem to stop. Also, Emma's complications seemed as something interesting to explore. First she visits a once hot- fling, then someone who can make her a queen but is thinking about the man- boy she's with.

The Bad:

   I enjoyed the story but was to distracted by the art. On one page Emma looked liked a woman dining but the next page looked like a teenage girl stomping away from the cells followed by a 20 something walking into the sick bay. Also it seems we're still playing the Hope-Age-Guessing game.

My Vote: 4 out of 5

   Enjoyed everything else but call me neurotic if I saw those character details.     

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