haydenclaireheroes's The Uncanny X-Men #525 - Second Coming, Chapter Ten review

Did anything really happen in this issue????



As all Second Coming covers this cover is great. The only thing I did not like is Emma’s facial expression on the cover.


Hope is mad at Scott that Scott sent her father on a suicide mission. Her eyes turn red and Cyclops said that it turned red like his eyes.   The fantastic four and some of the Avengers are trying to break the dome. The X-men are still in the dome trying to get out and survive. The team that went to the future is now in the future. They see a sign or poster that they have been all slain. Cyclops asks Rogue to try to take care of Hope because hope now hates him. Also the Fantastic Four and Avengers are still trying to find out ways to break the dome but, not even Thor’s mighty hammer can break the dome.

Best Part

I really love when Hope says to Cyclops that he just sent her father to a suicide mission. Then her eyes turn red and Cyclops said that Hope’s eyes turned red like his.

Worse Part

There was not bad part but, nothing really happened.


The art I always like in Uncanny X-men especially in Second Coming. I really did not see any faults but, I did not like how X-23 looked because of the mask and X-23 never wears a mask and at first I did not know that it was her.   I liked the double page were they should the slain poster I thought that was really good art.

Pick up or not

Do not pick up because nothing happened!!!!!

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Posted by kaanonm

X-23 always wears a mask in X-Force missions. 

or my personal favorite: 

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