jlat89's The Uncanny X-Men #525 - Second Coming, Chapter Ten review

"Ha Ha. That Film was Stupid."

With Bastion sending thousands of Sentinels through a portal, the X-Men and the rest of Mutantkind have hours to live, will X-Force be able to stand a chance in the future, or will they find that possible future becoming more and more of a reality.  

What You Need to Know. 

 Hope and Cable came back under fire as soon as they arrived.  X-Men have been hurt and killed.  They are now stuck in a complete dome, with no way of getting out or messages through.  X-Force is sent to the future to try to stop the flow of Sentinels.  They have basically been sent on a suicide mission as they have seemingly no way to get back to the present.  Hope found out about this.

The Good.

 Well, if you like continuity then you've been loving this event.  Each issue literally flows into the next, and this issue literally picks up immediately after the previous.  
 The acknowledgment that X-Men are a part of the Marvel Universe.  The appearances of many staple figures trying to get inside the dome is pretty entertaining.  
The fighting scenes were pretty entertaining, if not in art, in dialogue.  
The future scenes were pretty cool.  X-Force is going to have it's hands full.
A staple X-Men finally arrives to lend services to Scott, something that was pretty cool, if not overdue.  
Cable's character is always enjoyable.  
The Contrast between inside and outside the Dome.

The Bad

 I've come to terms that Kitty Pryde will not be playing a part in this event because of her current predicament.  However, Magneto has really no excuse so he really needs to get thrown into some action.  
The art had some really good moments, but overall this has always been the weakest book when it comes to the Art in the series.  
There were some very cliche moments, and I've always been a fan of Fraction, but every time it feels like he writes the characters out of character.  

The Verdict.

 It seems that the "staple" X-Men book is the weakest, and that's really a shame because it seems every time the story comes here it falters.  It's still an overall enjoyable book, but definitely not as strong as X-Force or even X-Men Legacy.  This issue had some important moments and they delivered and some of the other moments had faltered.  Second Coming is on the last leg and overall it has been enjoyable.  With it being the 10th chapter of the event it's not new reader friendly.  If you've been reading this event, obviously you're going to pick this up.  If you haven't then you haven't been reading the X-Men books.  Either way Second Coming is something you should be reading.  



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