hrdwrkngxsoldier's The Uncanny X-Men #524 - Second Coming, Chapter Six review

Fall Back and Regroup

 Uncanny X-Men #524
Second Coming: Chapter 06

I was actually surprised that the X-creators took the time to pause all of the action to mourn their fallen comrade. This issue was a solid point in the story that falls into place with Bastion’s master plan. The X-Men were forced to fall back and regroup on Utopia. Bastion’s intentions with his Plan B (which is now Plan A) were to have the majority of the mutant population on the floating asteroid for a massive attack. We find out that this was his reason fro having provisions ready to eliminate teleporters from the playing field. They are pretty much crippled from battle and now we find out exactly what was happening with the prisoners that Danger looks over and discover Bastion’s further plans.

The issue still dealt primarily with the X-Men’s loss. Cyclops is called out by just about everybody. Every single one of them wondering if Hope was worth the loss. We do see some of the regrouping aspect of this battle as well. We see that Karma has lost her leg, Magneto has woken up, and Kitty Pride is still a mute ghost.

The team celebrates the life of their fallen comrade and note the loss to their mutant family. Emotions run high and words are said. Things don’t go over any better in the Second Coming Revelations Hellboud.

If you cry a little bit during this issue, don’t feel bad. You probably didn’t have time to wrap your head around the loss when it happened. This reflection on an important element to the X-Men, basically their soul, left me feeling a little empty for a moment as well. Sadly it also reminded me that the world lost David Cocrum just a couple years ago.

Fraction did an okay job. I still can’t wait for him to not be on the X-titles anymore. Dodson’s art was average at best, but when you are already sad reading this book it doesn’t surprise you how dark the art is. Basically imagine a soggy day in the Pacific Northwest or England and that was the tone of the book.

4 out of 5 Moments of Silence


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