jlat89's The Uncanny X-Men #524 - Second Coming, Chapter Six review

"What's Next?"

Chapter 6 of Second Coming takes a breath to remember their fallen comrade, as they should.  As the X-Men, new and old, gather to lay their team-mate to rest confrontations are imminent.  The question remains: Is Hope worth it?

What You Need To Know.

 If you haven't read X-Force 26, I don't suggest you read any further.  
Hope and Cable have finally reached Utopia.  Bastion's plans have yet to be fully revealed.  Illyana was transported somewhere.  Cerebra is down.  

The Good

 The Funeral scenes.  
Fraction does a good job showcasing the characters, even if some of them feel out of place. 
The change of pace was something that was needed.  
The continuity is something that continues to impress.  
The last few pages were the best written and drawn of the issue. 

The Bad

 Terry Dodson's art feels so out of place.  
Some of the Dialogue seemed a little off.

The Verdict.

 It certainly wasn't the best issue of the arc.  It wasn't action packed, but it did give the character a send-off.  I know some people aren't fans of this creative team, but they showcase this issue to best of their ability.  The story progresses, and the continuity is still there.  This is the breather before the action should start again.  If you haven't been reading Second Coming, this really isn't where you should start.  It's approaching the halfway point and as good as the synopsis' are in the beginning you should check out the previous issues first.  While it wasn't the best issue of the series it had it's moments and the send-off was a much needed aspect of the comic.  


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Posted by Ryonslaught

You write some great reviews, I am impressed! :)

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