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Fallout and Frustrations

 Spoiler Alert: If you have not read earlier issues in Second Coming, this review may contain spoilers.   (I try to avoid naming names where possible).   You have been warned!

First off, coming back to Uncanny X-Men after reading X-Force is like getting punched in the face.   The art in Uncanny is much more cartoon-like, and X-Force goes for a very realistic look.   I prefer X-Force personally.   The art does not necessarily work against this particular comic, however, because there is not much action here.

There are two major themes here: coping with the death from the last chapter and trying to lift some of the weight off of Hope’s shoulders.   Scott does not want characters looking to Hope to save them, and he certainly does not want the death to be blamed on her.   He even says that it was on his conscience, but many characters are still really upset.   Wolverine just looks pissed.   Cyclops tries to comfort Hope, and then sends her and Nathan to the sick bay.

The sick bay is a busy place on Utopia.   Cable and Hope join an increasing number of characters, including Shadowcat (her first appearance since returning to earth), Magneto, and Karma.    The good news is that they begin to address Magneto and Kitty.   The way Magneto interfaces with Hope makes me think that he does have an agenda of his own, and that it may be contrary to Scott’s plan.   Cyclops also begins to devise a plan to bring Magik back, which will be covered in the 3 issue limited series entitled Hellbound.   (Issue one dropped today as well).

We also see Bastion’s plan B go into effect.   This could spell bad news for the X-Men, as most of their teleporters are out of commission!

They hold a service for the fallen X-Man, with Wolverine and Cyclops acting as front pall bearers and Colossus bring up the rear on his own.   They have a reading from the bible, and then each say some words about him.   When Wolverine’s turn comes, he can barely speak because he’s so angry.   He has blood dripping from his claws’ sheaths (I assume because his rage is making it so hard for him to keep them sheathed).   What he says sums up the basic frustration of the existing X-Men, and will undoubtedly have an effect on Hope.

This was a pretty solid book, and it’s nice to finally see a bit of a lull in the action of Second Coming to deal with some of the psychological repercussions on each of the characters.   As Bastion’s plan continues to unfold, and the X-Men face mounting losses, it seems like only a matter of time before one side needs to make a big move.

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