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Fallout and Frustrations 0

 Spoiler Alert: If you have not read earlier issues in Second Coming, this review may contain spoilers.   (I try to avoid naming names where possible).   You have been warned! First off, coming back to Uncanny X-Men after reading X-Force is like getting punched in the face.   The art in Uncanny is much more cartoon-like, and X-Force goes for a very realistic look.   I prefer X-Force personally.   The art does not necessarily work against this particular comic, however, because there is not much...

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"What's Next?" 0

Chapter 6 of Second Coming takes a breath to remember their fallen comrade, as they should.  As the X-Men, new and old, gather to lay their team-mate to rest confrontations are imminent.  The question remains: Is Hope worth it?  What You Need To Know. If you haven't read X-Force 26, I don't suggest you read any further.   SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. Nightcrawler died bringing Hope to Utopia Hope and Cable have finally reached Utopia.  Bastion's plans have yet to be ful...

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Fall Back and Regroup 0

 Uncanny X-Men #524Second Coming: Chapter 06I was actually surprised that the X-creators took the time to pause all of the action to mourn their fallen comrade. This issue was a solid point in the story that falls into place with Bastion’s master plan. The X-Men were forced to fall back and regroup on Utopia. Bastion’s intentions with his Plan B (which is now Plan A) were to have the majority of the mutant population on the floating asteroid for a massive attack. We find out that this was ...

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Reprieve & Requiem 0

"Second Coming" is still rolling along. It's great. Another mutant bites the dust while everyone gathers in Utopia.THE GOOD: - The story slows down. After five action-packed weeks, the breather is much appreciated. It also is great to see the mutants take the time to remember one of their own.- Kitty and Magneto appear in the story. Finally. Hopefully, they'll begin to play a role now that the story has shifted to Utopia.- Bastion puts his next part of the plan into action. - Nice to see Hope in...

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Uncanny X-Men 524 Review 0

I’ve had high hopes for Second Coming from the get go. If these last two issues are any indication of what’s left to come then this will easily become one of my favorite stories in all of comics. This issue wasn’t action heavy, but then again, it really didn’t need to be. The Good: -The story slowed down a bit. Without much on the action side, it allowed both the X-Men and the reader to take some time and reflect on the death from the previous issue. Considering how prevalent this character has ...

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Funeral For A Friend 0

I am not going to beat Kurt's death with a stick.  I am not going to sit here and gripe about how it should have been some one like Cable and not Kurt who died.  That can be saved for another time.  What I will say is that Matt Fraction has captured everything we want to say in the pages of this single issue.  There is the outrage, the sadness, the finger pointing and the coming to grips with what happened in X-Force and it is done in a way that does not lesson Kurt's death.  What we see are mem...

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So many Cameos of Kitty Pryde So Little Time 0

The cover for this issue was not that great but, I guess it  was not horrible but, still kind of disappointing. The story begins with DRUM ROLL PLEASE.......APPEARANCE OF KITTY PRYDE. She is shown in the chamber that keeps her sealed and colossus is showing her a CD. We also see an awake Magneto. Then we go to some of the reactions of Kurt's death. Not as good as X-force not even close but, still got the job done. People say that it is all Hope's fault and that she is there salvation but, she is...

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Everyone is losing hope in Hope! 0

So in this issue of Uncanny X-MEN, we start out in the sick bay. Karma's leg has been severed and Kitty is still in the tube. Magneto is being treated to as well. We get back to the whole Kurt thing. Everyone is expressing their dismay in their own ways. Hope is now being blamed and sought upon as a savior. Hope keeps explaining to everyone that she is not a savior and that she is not just an anbody. Scott goes to calm her down. Nathan explains that Scott is his father. The troops head off back ...

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Hope have come with some sacrifice 0

 The sacrifice of one person brings them together in this issue. The good: The X-Men expressing their goodbye to Kurt was great. Especially Logan’s, was the only one I felt honest and real. The other was the typical thing that people say. The art is good, like how Beast look so angry wanting to rip Scotts head. Other part of this issue that I liked was one of Logan having blood in his hands, now that’s emotion. The bad: I wanted more. I felt this issue very short of what I wanted to read a...

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Funeral for a Friend 0

I´m a big fan of Terry Dodson's art, I think it´s unique and groundbreaking, but there is no way it satisfy everyone's taste, what is ok, you can´t argue with taste. So to me, this edition of Second Coming was very touchfull and profound, carried with deep emotions, everyone coping with their grief in different ways and I am not going to lie: I´d get touched, and a little tear had formed in my eyes. Farewell dear Kurt, and untill the day they resurect you.   The bad for me was the lack of sync w...

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