crimsonspider89's The Uncanny X-Men #523 - Second Coming, Chapter Two review

Good but meh

Alright, this is a good issue but don't get me wrong: Good for Fraction with the X-Men. Fraction is not the best at writing them. He does not capture the character's fully IMO and he did not pace it correctly. Also, the art felt too cartoony for the X-Men. The X-comics to me should have emotional provoking artists who depict them as close to real as possible. 
The Good 
Good storyline 
Has some good action sequences 
Brings out Hope's feminine side 
The Bad 
Too cartoony 
Not paced right with writing 
Character's do not feel like themselves 
A good issue, not the worst or best. Could have been a phenomenal one if with different artist or writer. Learn about the X-Force and that impacts the team as well as delving into Hope's personality and her relationship with Cable. Nothing much happens besides those two things. A good issue but not a must have.


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