hrdwrkngxsoldier's The Uncanny X-Men #523 - Second Coming, Chapter Two review

SC: Chapter Two...Revalations

Uncanny X-Men 523

This is the second chapter in the current X-event, Second Coming.   It picks up pretty much where the Second Coming one-shot left off.   Which was with Nightcrawler and the other non X-Force members of Cyclops’ Alpha team realize that there has been something more sinister going on.     Kurt has some questions that need to be answered after witnessing first-hand the dual-membership X-Men dispatch Cable and Hope’s assailants.   With X-Men mission status quo telepathic links, Kurt demands answers and we watch as Cyclops faces what was inevitably going to happen.   I was surprised in his response though.   It was basically an order to soldier up and deal with this after the mission was over.

Scenes flash to Bastion and his human cabal and we find out not only that he is using the T/O virus to track Cable, but also has a contingency plan of some sort in place with the construction of some ominous tower.   He orders the reverend to send in his purifiers to the target.

Cable and Hope just arriving in this time haven’t had much rest for quite some time.   They raid a market for supplies (literally).   Then find a nice hotel to stay in.   I don’t think Hope has seen a bed in quite some time if ever.   This is a nice scene where we see some of the good dad in cable come out when he surprises hope with   a present.   Then the power goes out and Purifiers attack.

Fortunately Scott Summer’s had the X-Men on the right track in their search for Cable.   He did train him after all.   We even get a comment from Wolverine about the success of Cyclops’ evasion skills.   They track down Cable and Hope when there is a power blackout in a specific section detected by Cyclops’ other team the New Mutants.  

Things lead up to the big battle and the X-Men and New Mutants joining the fray.

The story is interesting and this event is supposed to be the big pay-off from about 5 years of set up.   It wasn’t the greatest X-book ever made or anything like that but it was definitely a good read.

3 out of 5 ….I can’t thing of anything witty to put here. :(  

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