jlat89's The Uncanny X-Men #523 - Second Coming, Chapter Two review

"You've made your bed. It's time to lie in it."

 Uncanny X-Men, Chapter 2 of Second Coming continues the story from Chapter 1.
Hope and Cable are still on the run, they hold up store, get supplies, but not without Hope spacing out for a couple seconds, which is something Cable makes known to her.  The Alpha Team X-Men are where they left off as well, with Kurt questioning Logan about the X-Force.  He almost walks but is persuaded to stay for the time being.  Scott and Emma are coordinating the operation through mental link and Scott has to face the music about his sanctioning of the elite X-Force.  Cannonball and Cypher have their own mission.  Bastion and his goons are closing in on Cable and Hope.  The X-Men are also fast approaching them.  
The Good  
Matt Fraction does a great job with the characterization of each character, I especially was impressed with his interpretation of Hope.  There are subtle things that Terry Dodson does that correlates well with the writing to really make her character shine.
The Detail in the art is actually pretty good, some people could argue that at times it's a little cartoon-y but it works with the story to me.   
Also I'm a fan of Scott's leadership, it's really shining through.
The Bad
I don't really see Bastion as the true mastermind, maybe it's me, I'm just hoping it's not the cliche mastermind who is really working for another mastermind.   
Also I didn't like how the "bad guys" aren't too concerned that their actions aren't going to have repercussions, I understand their evil but they're acting like the X-Men are the only heroes in the universe
The Awesome Reaction
I'll just say that when a certain character goes to a hotel room, the reaction is priceless.
All in all, it was a well-written, well drawn, second chapter of an arc.  Were there some flaws? Certainly.  But did it want me to check in for Chapter 3? Absolutely
If you want to hop on the X-Men Universe, go get Chapter 1, you're only a week behind so hurry up.  If you're following this, then you should have this already. 

Posted by ptb

I agree with you on your assessment here. It's a solid second chapter. I really appreciated the slower pace that allowed us to see more of Hope's reaction to the present.  I'm not a big fan of the Dodsons' art, but this is their best issue of Uncanny X-Men to date. 

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

wow i love your title for your review

Posted by jlat89
@ptb:  @haydenclaireheroes:

Posted by harleyquinnhawkgirl

I could not agree more with your review. I absolutely loved it! Keep reviewing! =)
Posted by jlat89
thank you so much! =)

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