hrdwrkngxsoldier's The Uncanny X-Men #522 - Ghostly; The End Of The World And Everything After review

Rush job = Could have done better

Uncanny X-Men #522

This story seemed like such a rush job.   I wish that we could have been serviced better for the story that brought Kitty Pride back to us.   The story was so rushed that we got lame filler in the back that we could have lived without.   The idea behind Magneto seeking redemption by re-assembling the X-Men family a little bit was a good one, but totally executed in a piss poor way.  

This story was supposed to some how make you care, but it didn’t really.   Editorial mandate is probably responsible for this, because it definitely wasn’t Fraction’s best.   This story seemed really quickly thrown together because the S.W.O.R.D. book was cancelled.   S.W.O.R.D. would have been a much better platform for the return of Shadowcat, and it was probably the original intention of the X-writers and editors.   We knew Kitty was coming back and back when we were supposed to care she was gone after Whedon’s epic run on Astonishing, I predicted that Kitty would come back but her powers would be affected in some way.   My prediction is that she will soon have complete density control much like Vision.  

There were some nice internal thoughts from Emma regarding the contrast of Scott and Magneto that is worth mentioning and maybe will get picked up again later.

We get to see some of the stuff that went on in space, which I’m guessing is where Mags and High Evolutionary lobotomized a Celestial.   That story would probably have been more interesting than what we got.   I have a gripe about that as well, and so should Hank McCoy.   In the drawn out Endangered Species story we saw Beast come up with no answers in multiple planes of reality to the “M-day” problem.   Yes he did talk to high evolutionary.   So did he lie?   What would his motivations be for lying?   Just more questions that need to be answered.

The art in the issue was good though.   I am so glad that we don’t have Greg Land’s stink on these pages to go along with a hollow, slap-shod story.   Disappointingly pretty….That would describe the issue best for me.

2.5 out of 5 Planets saved from Armageddon.    


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