uncanny89's The Uncanny X-Men #521 - Nation-X: Chapter 7 review

A good build up for the final issue

I really liked this issue and i think it follows on very nicely from issue 520.  For me the main draw of the issue was seeing what Magneto is doing up on Mt. Tamalpais, however, we do see the conflict between the genetically engineered mutants and Wolverine's group. For me the fight sequence between the two groups played out well and it didnt feel all that rushed even thought there are two other stories going on at the same time, this is where Matt Fractions writing is shown off at its best, when he is setting up little plot lines which arent resloved right away i.e. this new group of mutants weve been seeing little snapshots of them throughout this arc but its not been untill these last two issues that Fraction has started to conclude this story and it has been handled very well. 
Story wise for me the big shock at the end was kind of a let down, i think that if Marvel hadnt of revealed that Kitty was coming back then it would have been far more shocking.  I think that a big shock for this issue is that there is the sort of return of John Sublime and its him who has been the mastermind behind the attacks on Utopia.   
As for the art, Greg Lands art is what it is, there werent any stand out pages or pannels even, but I really do believe that his art work is stepping up a little, however, is still think this book would benefit from being drwn and inked by a different team. 
My final verdict is that this has very much become my personal must read title in the X-verse its the most consistant (of the titles i read) and it kept me entertaind throughout espesially seeing the fight sequence and the Scott, Emma and Magneto pages.  I think the only down side for this issue was that the suprise was spoiled before this issue came out. 
4 out of 5   

Let me know if im being too generous with the grading, or if you agree with me or if you disagree me about any of the points i made.

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