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The Secret of Mt. Tamalpais

In this Issue Cyclops and Emma visit Magneto on top of Mt. Tamalpais where he seems to be meditating. But what exactly is he meditating about?  On the other hand in New York, Psylocke, Wolverine, and Colossus not only found a new threat but are going up against them.  They seem to be a group of unknown super power freaks who know a lot about the X-Men, and are responsible for the Predators X attack on Utopia. The X-Men seem to have gotten more than they had bargained for while going up against these individuals, but lucky for them someone shows up to save their bottoms, and twice.  
On their way back to Utopia, the X-Men fill in Cyclops with the events occurred.  But also in Utopia the scientist have learned the true intentions of Magnetos purpose for seclusion on Mt. Tamalpais. 
I give this issue a four, because, I introduces about two new events for the X-Men. This issue answers what Magneto is doing and introduces a threat.  On top of that the X-Men also have the building of the tower. Which doesn't go into much detail or none at all in this issue.  What I thought was more important was that the issue 521 kept me entertained from beginning to end, and at the end I was like "What the F@<%." The cliff hanger for this issue is jaw dropping.  The art by Land, ink of Leisten, and Ponsor's coloring just tie the issue all so well.  This issue leaves you wanting more, which is what a comic should do.
Fleonix says " No Mames Guey"

Posted by thatlad

You said it, the ending is literally jaw dropping, it took me few seconds before I realised and shut my mouth. Good issue, I definitely enjoyed it

Posted by Fleonix
@thatlad:  This is issue is definitely enjoyable.........and awesome.
Posted by thatlad

I've got to give fraction props, this is probably the only reasonable explanation for ********* returning. Glad there's no stupid 'just threw in the mix' explanations. Also shows a good reason for Magento's doing it. 

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