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Things boil to an end... The X-Men finally meet Lobe...

After the void is trapped in Scott Summers head, our heroes can now concentrate on the main threat -- Utopia is sinking. Magneto goes behind Scott's back and asks Namor to build a giant pilar that will keep Utopia above the water, but Scotty boy doesn't seem to approve. A deceived Magneto goes on a mountain to meditate... and do something good. 
Wait. Whazzat? Master of Magnetism? Do Something Good? Giant Bullet? Astonishing X-Men: Unstoppable? Kitty Pryde is trapped in that bullet? OMG! Is he planning to bring her back?! 

Oh, and, meanwhile, Wolverine, Psylocke & Colossus are looking for the predator's origin point since their were nanobots in them that studied them for weeks, and they meet up with Fantomex & Eva... and later, Lobe & his crew.

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