uncanny89's The Uncanny X-Men #520 - Nation-X: Chapter 6 review

One of my favorite issues Fraction has done

For me this is probably one of the better Fraction issues, sometimes he can get the characters wrong however in the past 3 issues her has gotten them spot on. 
I really liked that they didnt really feature Emma and Scott (as a couple) in this issue, instead we see what magneto has been up to along with some other x-characters like psylocke collosus and wolverine who meet one of the lesser known x-characters, Fantomex.   
however there are some down sides to this issue namely the art Land shoudnt be on a flagship title like Uncanny id asscept it on New Mutants or Legacy but the flagship title no, not when we are switching from the Dodsons (who are amazing) to Land (but i do think he has gotten better since his run on the book started).  Another negative point to this issue is the ending, we know whats going to happen so there is no "i wonder what Magneto is up to this time" or anything like that. 
On the plus side fractions narative is getting a lot lot better and im begining to really like this book before my top title was Astonishing however, if the standard stays as it is (but with the dodsons) then i think this will become my must read x-book 
Score 4.5 out of 5 
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Posted by noname2062

Great review. I totally agree that this was some quality Fraction writing.

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