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“NATION X” There's a rogue Predator X stalking mutants beneath New York City and it's down to Wolverine and Fantomex to hunt it down. There's an island in the San Francisco Bay that the mutants call home and it's slowly sinking -- and only King Namor can save the day. And meanwhile, in San Francisco, a supermob is making life hard in Chinatown...somebody call the X-Men! Part 6 of 8!

Cyclops gave orders for Wolverine, Psylocke and Colossus to hit New York and track where the group of Predator X had come from (see Uncanny X-Men #517) and the source of the nanites, which held information on all of the X-Men's strength and weaknesses.

Wolverine followed the Predator X's scent to the sewers of the city. There the X-Men discovered that Fantomex already dealt with the monster. The X-Men asked for Fantomex's help to determine where the Predators came from, but Fantomex was not willing to help them in their mission.

Meanwhile on Utopia, Magneto explained there was a massive support pillar beneath the island that would prevent it from sinking into the ocean. Cyclops was furious at him for working behind his back and told Magneto that he wouldn't receive his trust this way. Magneto left Utopia, deciding that it was time to do some good for a change. He began to meditate on the top of a mountain alone.

Back in New York, Wolverine, Psylocke and Colossus tracked the Predator's point of origin inside a unknown building. Inside, the super-powered beings who had forced the former Marauder Scalphunter to send out the Predator X's were expecting their arrival.

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