themaskedhero's The Uncanny X-Men #514 - Utopia Chapter 4 review

Fight Together, Die Alone

This was an action packed issue and it surprised me a little, I know that paging through an issue at the shop before you buy doesn't always give you the best impressions, but as I paged through it in line I thought I was buying the next flop like Messiah War was. But no, this was a good 4th Chapter. 
Trask's army of humanoid Sentinels make a big impression in this issue, slowly infecting people and in a bit of irony, mutating them into something inhuman. Cyclops makes a very quick move setting up four or five teams to handle different situations around San Francisco; 

  • Mirage gets sent to Vegas to meet with a yet-to-be-seen gentleman, even though Cyclops repeatedly asks her if she's ready for it and offering to let her back out.
  • Domino there as the face of X-Force. Being that X-Force is still kind of swept under the rug, everything is rather vague.
  • Mindee, one of the Stepford Cuckoos, is asked by Scott to allow herself to be captured, I would think due to her hivemind powers.
  • And finally Psylocke seems to be heading up an underwater mission.
As the issue continues we get to watch the Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men continue their bickering from the last Chapter, ending as Emma breaks the fight up due to Sentinel attacks. Though the feeling that this is just the beginning of a larger story is very present between Bullseye and Daken.    
There is some fight of Sentinels (which didn't feel needed), some fighting among the Dark X-Men and Scott watching from above to get into the mind of how the Osborn's X-Men fight. It all wraps up pretty quickly and sets up the last two issue, which I'm excited for, if not simply for the return of Bends to Dark Avengers.   

All and all though; 
Posted by pixelized

The only thing i liked about this issue was the art, everything else was complete garbage. Writing, Story, Matt Fraction, awful. I'm surprised you liked it

Posted by themaskedhero

I'll admit the story could be better but I'm trying to keep my hopes up being that this is a middle chunk of a larger story. I'll admit that fight robots is not what I would have rather seen and I guess when I think about it, this was the slowest issue of the arc so far. 
And I really expect more from Fraction because I always hear good things about his stuff. To be honest, the story began to lost my faith sometime in the Dark Avengers issue. But the art got most of the points in my ranking. And lets be honest, if I was smarter I would stop rating things "Don't Buy" or "Buy" I have a Pass/Borrow/Buy ranking. Because this is really a borrow.

Posted by pixelized

For Me, Fraction has been on the X-Men since issue 500 and all of his work has been crap, this issue was no different. Rumor has it his iron man stuff is amazing. But for this issue, i would have just taken the art without the lettering. 

Posted by themaskedhero

Yeah, don't get me started on everything at has happened in the last 15 or so issues, especially with the Sisterhood. Gosh, I'm slowly hating this issue more and more as I think about it. 
You are the avatar of truth, Pixelized.

Posted by pixelized

I'm here for you themaskedhero!

Posted by Mr. Wilson

It was the best issue so far for me. I think the X-Force side plan was cool and Cyclops being a mastermind was nice.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Just finnished it, thought it was good

Posted by Ravn

My Problem with the issue is the same problem i have with A LOT of Dodson's work; all of his female characters look EXACTLY THE SAME!! I don't usually read Uncanny (I read Dark Avengers) and I'm not REAL familar with all the characters, and when you have all these people going in 5 different directions with no real reference to who they are, I get confused and then I get mad! LOL I mean I had NO CLUE what was going on on the last page, so....

Posted by pixelized

Bad characterization doesn't help either.

Posted by Mr. Wilson

Yeah the thing I hate about the book is the captions. It was a good read for me though.

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