t_dub_'s The Uncanny X-Men #511 - Sisterhood Part 4 review

Disappointing at best.

Ok dont get me wrong, i love the X-Men. But this 4 issue story arc has been a little disappointing. I mean its great to see Psylocke back and all, but the way theyve gotten around to bringing her back, I feel, is a little sub par.Not only that but the cover is very decieving, no Jean-Grey/Phoenix action whatsoever...which is where i thought this arc was gonna go, but i guess not. Another little beef i have with this arc is the story telling. Ok, not so much the story, but the way its presented, i had to re-read these issues to understand what was going on with all the rituals and Psylockes body and all that. It wasnt easily digestable, and its sort of the same with this one, I thought the Psylocke fighting with the sisterhood all this time WAS Psylocke, but i guess it wasnt, and i guess me being out of the loop on the whole 2 body thing of hers doesnt help.  If anything, pick this one up just to see what happens, dont expect too much amazing-ness out of it. And remember, this is just my take on it, you may find it to be just wonderful...and if you do good for you, i just couldnt see it. So thats my bit on this issue, happy reading everyone :)


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