themaskedhero's The Uncanny X-Men #511 - Sisterhood Part 4 review

The Material for a One-Shot in Four Parts

So, here we are at the end of another X-Men arc. Did you hear that Psylocke came back in Uncanny #509? Okay, well all and all, that's all that's really important.

See, I didn't buy this issue, I read it at the store. But I can break down the important stuff. Psylocke is back. Yeah, the four-part story is really best summed up that. Also is a sub-plot, Madelyne Pryor was trying to get a body, Jean Grey's being the best host. She's spent that last three issues building to that conclusion. And that plan doesn't really go over too well. 

The X-Men are able to help Psylocke overcome the mental blocks Pryor put on her. Pryor doesn't get the body. Best way to put it. This issue doesn't seem very important to the story overall. And from what I can tell, Uncanny has been schizophrenic as of late, jumping between the Humanity NOW! story and this. I didn't really like the issue, but maybe fans will find it more compelling. 
Posted by sora_thekey

So thanks to you I'm not picking this up.....

I was going to just pick it up because of what I saw on the cover....
The return of jean Grey was what cought my attention..... Thanks for clearing it up....

Posted by pixelized
@sora_thekey: The Scenes with Dazzler in them are easily worth 3.99
Posted by sora_thekey
@pixelized: Well thennow you got me thinking about it....???
Posted by pixelized
@sora_thekey: The story as a whole was sub par, but Dazzler had a good, "i'm back with the X-Men" moment, and Domino's speeches were always entertaining, even if they seemed a little too convenient to be believable. 

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