aztek_the_lost's The Uncanny X-Men #500 - SFX, Part 1 review

Wtf Was That?

Originally I swore to myself I would never read this after reading Pania's review on it, but than someone told me if I wanted to get into it (to read about Madelyne Pryror's return) I should start here...and all I have to say is...why?

Okay, now this reaction of mine may be just because I'm not X-Man fan, of course than again I'm a huge X-Man fan, my second favorite character of all time, Mr. Sinister, is an X-character, and many other members of the cast are equally amazing, but don't know, it was horrible. I mean sure Magneto was cool, schooling the X-Men and all that, and the High Evolutionary is a rather cool guy...but the story itself was pathetic, and the cast, well, it happened to be made up of most of my least favorite X-Men (though I can't blame them for that).

So basically, I don't know if I should continue reading this series...I want to, just because I had intended to, and I already got a few more of the issues...but...this was such a huge disappointment, maybe I'll just stick to the classic X-Men story arcs...

Posted by Rasta_hero

get out while you have your sanity! its a terrible book right now!

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    So a milestone for the X-Men both in terms of issues reached and in new location.  But is it any good?  Sadly, I'm not sure it is.  The whole being accepted in San Fransisco by the more liberal society thing is very well done but I have to agree with Pania about the fight with Magneto.  It's just bizarre, though, like Pania, I do think it's a deliberate homage to the Magneto confrontations of the 60s.  There's some pretty nice art from Land and Dodson but I have to say that I'm hugely disappoint...

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