the_outsider's The Uncanny X-Men #486 - The Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire, Chapter Twelve: Endings and Beginnings review

12 Issues for this? Was it worth it?

This is the conclusion of a 12 part story arc. The chances of this satisfying me were pretty slim. Well it did. I'm not saying this entire arc was without a few bumps along the way, but the last issue might be the best one of them all. Was 12 issues necessary to tell this story? I don't think so... although I think some of those issues should have been used to flesh out Vulcan's character a little more, but that's not important now... let's talk about this particular issue.

Quite a few things of importance happen in this issue, almost all of which are going to have a lasting effect on the X-Men (some longer then others). There is one in particular that everyone knew was going to happen eventually and I was surprised it took this long to do it. I'm happy it did however as the solution to it is actually plausible in the X-Men universe.

That one isn't even close to being the biggest thing that happens in this issue. One of them in particular I think could have been handled a little better. It could have been made into a huge moment for the book, and X-Men in general, but it didn't feel like it while I read it. Things like that though never satisfy all the fans, so some might see it as "the moment" it should have been.

With everything being said... this is an important X-Men issue that you probably don't want to miss out on.

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