dark_noldor's The Uncanny X-Men #486 - The Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire, Chapter Twelve: Endings and Beginnings review

Conclusion of an epic

The X-Men went into the fray without a doubt in their heads and that´s what X-Men are made of: resilience, toughness, bravery, strenght, all these atributes are what consists in becoming a X-Men, and never giving up. Reading this arc story was a delight, and one thing is reading it month after month (like I first did it, when it was released in Portuguese here in Brazil), and other experience completely different is reading issue after issue in a short period of time (less than a week for me) and in doing so I was able to capture much more of the plot, of the intensity of the dialogues, of the nature of the characters, of what Brubaker did to build every character, I was able to see the big picture in this plot and it was completely worth it! This is about the most ancient and deepest feelings of humanity: rage, revenge, vendetta, friendship and love. I was a fan of Brubaker, but after reading this arc story again I´m convinced that this man is one of the best writers to ever step foot at Marvel: he picked up characters that weren´t quite interesting and made them into something that was truly enjoyable and uncanny, like Warpath, Darwin, Havok, Polaris, and used some major ones to give a stability to the team (referring to Rachel and Kurt). Also Brubaker gave a purpose to some of this characters (like Havok) and a gift to Charles Xavier, what was very cool. Lots of people complain about death in comic books (I´m a big fan of it), but the death in this issue wasn´t cheesy or comercial, it was a good death, in battle, and with meaning. The art of Billy Tan is impressive, aided by competente Danny Miki and the maestro Frank D´Armata, so I´m wrapping this up with some beautiful pages from this acclaimed space odissey.
5 out 5

 Brother Vs Brother

 Where powers fail a good punch always work! Darwin for the win.

 Naughty Lilandra fooled us all...going to that big blue marble

 If it Wasn´t for Gladiator, Vulcan would been killed.
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