dark_noldor's The Uncanny X-Men #477 - The Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire: Chapter Three - Vulcan’s Progress review

Interstellar Gap

This issue is a fill in, kinda of bridge, but totally unnecessary, ´cause it could have been explained along the next issues of this arc. It´s all about Vulcan and how he will get himself to reach the heart of the Shiar Empire, Chandilar the Throneworld. Brubaker does a good job, both in resuming Gabriel´s tortured past as in creating his pretensious dialogues with the Shiar´s surviving crew, but I just can´t get the feeling that this issue was printed more for new readers and to highlight how Vulcan got his way into the Shiar Empire and destroyed all the portals in the process. Also Clayton Henry´s style isn´t the more suitable for this kind of story - space/cosmic action - and if not for Will Quintana (colors), this would be a total disaster.
2.5 out 5


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