dark_noldor's The Uncanny X-Men #476 - The Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar Empire: Chapter Two - The Things They Left Behind review

Let´s get a ship

Xavier´s group has a first job before bursting into the Shiar Empire to avoid that Vulcan´s rage destroys it all: getting the means to travel into the cold and dark space. And it´s not any spaceship, it must be a Shiar ship, so they can reach it´s empire core swiftly, by using the space portals to get a shortcut, and that´s possible only with a Shiar spaceship. That´s the first oportunity to see what these X-Men are capable of as a group and the results aren´t shabby at all. Brubaker sets a good mood and vibe in this team, conjugating the exchange of sarcasm and jokes between Warpath and Havok with a difficult dialogue between Xavier and Cyclops regarding the Vulcan´s mission. It´s also a great oportunity to see Billy Tan´s expertise, which is action scenes, that he does brilliantly. Brubaker also unveils a little of each member´s personal goal regarding this mission: Xavier for his erros in the past, Alex for family reasons, James for boredom, Kurt for loyalty, Lorna for escaping a trial and Rachel for stopping the Shiar in doing more evil (the slaughter of her family, the Imperial Shockers). In the art department again, I loved Kurt´s moves and how he´s a natural leader. Seeing Darwin in action, even for a little, was also cool. This issue could be summarized as "Lock and Load, ready to deploy...er, who destroyed the portals chief?".
4 out 5


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