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Professor X and Wolverine have a disagreement over whether or not Magneto should even be getting this funeral, as they have returned his body to Genosha. Professor X starts the funeral service, only for Wolverine to interrupt, for Charles thinks Magneto should be given the same rights as any human being, but Wolverine gets enraged at how Charles can forgive him after everything he has done, especially killing Jean Grey. As Wolverine is about to cut up Magneto’s body, some of Magneto’s former followers try to stop him, until Wolverine proves how much he hates Magneto by single-handedly destroying the monument built in his memory. The White Queen and Juggernaut are helping rescue workers on the destroyed Liberty Island in New York, while Polaris has gone to invite Magneto’s other children, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to the funeral. The twins tell Lorna that she cannot possibly expect them to go, let alone understand what they are going through being the children of one of the world’s greatest mass-murderers when Lorna reveals to them that she is their sister. The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver do accompany Polaris to Genosha and after Wolverine cuts out Toad’s tongue he is about to do more damage to Magneto’s former lackey when Polaris stops him, declaring that she is going to play “Devil’s advocate’.    

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