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A special tale of the heart revolves around two young star-crossed lovers, caught between the forces of their families’ opposing views on the human/mutant race situation. Will love prevail? Or will tragedy strike?


Jebediah Guthrie and his friend Ray are brutally making fun of Abraham Cabot, while Abraham and his group are sitting behind them. They are saying all kinds of really cruel things about him, as the Guthrie and the Cabots are archenemies in Kentucky.

When Abraham comes over to respond, Jeb talks back and the two get invovled in a small fight, causing the sheriff to wake up. Once Jeb is throw on the floor, he clutches his mouth as if in pain, and then shoots a beam of blue energy at Abraham, which causes his shirt and whole body to be enveloped in a blue flame. The sheriff comes over to try and stop it, as Abraham's friends try to extinguish it.

Another man comes from behind Jeb and strikes him with a crowbar, and a chuge fight erupts, with Ray throwing one of Abrham's friends over his shoulders and onto the man with the crowbar. The man gets up and tries to throw the crowbar at Jeb, and when he tries to stop it with his powers, he accidentally hits a car, causing it to explode.

Angry, Jeb starts to yell the people. When the sheriff, Pete tries and calms him down, threatening to shoot him, Jeb tries to state his case. When he will not shut down his powers, Pete has now choice but to shoot the boy.

Back at the Xavier Institute, Paige Guthrie (Husk),approaches Warren Worthington III, also known as the Angel, wanting to talk with him. Paige confronts him about how he came to her, seeming to want a relationship, and Warren is somewhat confused as Paige rambles on, talking about Brad Pitt.

Finally she asks if she should stop looking his direction, and Warren hesitates. He finally responds with a yes, walking away. Jubilee then walks up with the phone in her hands, and tells her that her brother Jebediah's been shot.

Back at the Guthrie household, it is shown that Warren and Paige already arrived at the house, and that Warren healed Jeb's shoulder. Lucinda guthrie is lecturing Jebediah, and he says that words don't hurt anyone, but Ray's father thinks differently. Lucinda lectures him some more, and he says that he's been practicing with his powers.

Ray, Jr. says that's why they planned this, as everyone looks on. The sheriff, standing in the room says he must report this, and then says they all may get kicked out of the county for Jeb and Ray's actions. Paige asks where Jay is, and they all reveal he's at a show, performing, and that's he's seeing a girl named Rosalinda Aguilar.

At The View, where Rosalinda works, her and Julia Cabot are waiting tables when Jay's show begins. Jay begins to sing, his voice pure and clear. Rosalinda starts bragging about how he is singing to her, and why he's staring at her. But Julia is really the one he's staring at, and she really hopes that he likes her.

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