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Nightcrawler and Chamber recover from their recent battle with the Church of Humanity.


Nightcrawler has a feverish dream in which he re-lives the explosion in the X-wing and his last-second teleportation to save himself and Chamber. He dreams that he is being crucified on a large 'X' as the legions of the Church of Humanity march across the countryside under the looming figure of the Supreme Pontiff taking away “that what means most to you“ (spelled backwards and in german).


Wagner awakens suddenly and realizes that he has 'ported into the cabin home of his old circus friend, Feuer Langhagen, a retired fire-breather. Kurt exits the cabin to see Jono admiring the beautiful mountains surrounding Feuer's cabin. Nightcrawler's memory is foggy of the recent events, so Chamber fills him in: Kurt teleported the two of them out of the Blackbird just before it was destroyed. His blind teleport brought them to snow-covered Northern Alps of Bavaria. Kurt considers that perhaps Feuer has chosen a way of life that truly grants one piece of mind: he has no friends or enemies, just isolation and simplicity. Chamber is unsure of this, but asks Nightcrawler if he has contacted the X-Men yet; Kurt has not.

Night falls, and the three sit down to a meal courtesy of Feuer. They discuss the recent ideological break between Cassidy and the X-Men. Feuer remarks that Xavier's school sounds wonderful, to which Kurt replies – with a hint of bitterness - that he has been "relegated" to a field operative, and that he might have proven to be a good teacher. Chamber is confused by this statement, and Nightcrawler tells him that they are often the subordinates of the greater good, and must forget their personal feelings. Jono becomes angry, reminding him that when he approached him in London (in the Poptopia arc), Kurt told him that the lives of mutants are based on their responsibilities. Nightcrawler replies that that was then, this is now. Chamber leaves in disgust.

Outside, he telepathically reaches across the globe to Stacy X in Paris, who awakens from her slumber. In the abandoned X-Corp base, the Multiple Men are dismantling the equipment while Warren is approached by President Prodi, who subtly tells him and the X-Men to leave, as they now have the UN to deal with matters in the base. Warren's reply is cut off by Stacy, who now knows where the missing Chamber and Nightcrawler are. Iceman is skeptical, uncertain that Chamber would choose Stacy to contact over the rest of them. Warren tries to convince Prodi that the X-Corps was a rogue organization separate from the X-Men, but Prodi is not so sure. He tells Warren that the European Commission would like the X-Men to avoid "helping" Europe in the future, and asks him to give up control of the base. Stacy interjects again, expressing her outrage over her mind being invaded by Chamber's telepathy. Warren is contacted from Cerebra by Phoenix who transmits the exact location of Jono and Kurt. Warren wonders why, if Kurt is fine, he didn't call the X-Men himself. Stacy triumphs – Jean’s coordinates confirm that the two X-Men are in the Alps, exactly like Chamber’s telepathic message told her.

Back in the Alps cabin, Feuer is concerned over Nightcrawler's brooding. Kurt tells him that he has been having doubts about his belief in Xavier's dream. Feuer encourages him to stay in the X-Men, but Kurt is still not certain. Kurt teleports outside to apologize and Chamber tells Kurt that the reason he became so angry at dinner was because he assumed that, out of all the X-Men, Kurt was the most at peace with his choices in life. Nightcrawler admits that he has not been, as of late, and has been having strange nightmares. They are cut off by the approach of the X-Corp gunship, carrying Multiple Man, Archangel, Stacy-X, and Iceman.

Everyone rests in Feuer's cabin. Nightcrawler assures the rest others that he would have contacted them eventually, but Iceman is worried that Nightcrawler's commitment to the X-Men may be wavering. Archangel agrees; after the disaster is Paris, the X-Men need all of their members. Still, Kurt admits that his future is very unclear to him. Meanwhile, outside, Stacy tells Jono that she is angry that he infiltrated her brain to deliver his message, and wonders why he chose her to contact instead of the others. Jono tells her that he thought she would be the only one who would take him seriously. Stacy is taken aback. In the cabin, Archangel tells Kurt that they need him, and that he in turn needs the X-Men. Nightcrawler suggests that they leave. The team bids Feuer farewell, leaving the Alps cabin.

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