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Beast has discovered a cure for the Legacy Virus. The catch: the first mutant to use it dies!

After many ours of laboratory work Beast emerges with a cure for the Legacy Virus. He made the cure from the codes he deciphered from Moira's notes on the virus. Xavier, Cecelia Reyes, Gambit and Wolverine congratulate Beast, who explains to them how the cure works. However, Beast and Cecelia realize that the cure can only be released after its host uses his or her power, which will then kill him or her.

Beast stores the virus in a cabinet and goes an plays basketball with Gambit and Wolverine to clear his head. While the three debate on how they should be living their lives as mutants, Xavier enters the game. Inside, Cecelia senses something wrong with Colossus, who tells Cecelia all about his dead sister, Illyana. She realizes what he is going to do but is knocked out by him before she could stop him. He takes the virus and says "I'm coming home Snowflake" and injects himself with the cure and uses his powers one last time.

She tries to find a pulse but ot no avail the long time teammate of the X-men is reunited with his family and baby sister.

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This was GREAT, and then Joss Whendon had to $%^& it up 0

Ok. this, in my opinion was the BEST X-Men story in the past ten years. Colossus, died, and yes while the death of any comic character is "tragic" in the world they exist in, This was the Way Peter was Supposed to die. Not in combat as a Warrior, but as a brother, and a man who loved his people. HE sacrificed himself to ensure the mutant race would not have to suffer the way his Snowflake suffered,And then you have Joss and Astonishing, who comes along and in one stroke, Erases the Best Stor...

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Farewell our Solider 0

This was one of the most fantastic issues i have ever read. It was packed full of drama which for some odd reason i enjoy . Peter sacraficeig himself for the rest of the mutant community wow. First comic i ever cried for. when he said im coming home Snowflake i lost it tears rolling down and everything. But the issue was packed full of everything a X fan loves. When i read that the only way the cure would work is if a mutant injected himself with it and used their powers i knew someone we love w...

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