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Can the X-Men save mutantkind when the High Evolutionary sets out to destroy the entire race?

The depowered X-Men – Storm, Beast, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Kitty, Gambit, Rogue, and Marrow – are reunited at the mansion. Beast, having recently returned from Genosha, presents evidence of rapid mutation in the Genoshan Mutates, a state which he theorizes will spread to humans in short order.

The team decides the only course of action is to stage an assault on High Evolutionary's satellite, made possible by recently acquired Skrull technology. An ailing Wolverine (sick with Adamantium poisoning) joins the X-Men in the hangar, ready for a final mission.

The team breaks Earth's gravitational pull in their Skrull craft. They stage a stealthy break-in to High Evolutionary's base, unaware that Mr. Sinister is now at the controls. He pits the powerless X-Men against a rapidly evolved set of New Men.

Wolverine, Storm, and Kitty are able to sneak away when Wolverine catches Mr. Sinister's scent (“Scent?,” wonders Kitty), and they corner him in the control room. Sinister easily dispatches Wolverine and Kitty, but when Wolverine doesn't perish from his wounds she realizes that their powers are slowly returning.

A barely-powered Storm and Wolverine are able to disable Sinister, and a humbled High Evolutionary takes back control of the satellite. He reverses the effects of his depowering wave, and offers the X-Men a shuttle back to Earth – as Sinister had already absconded with theirs.

Back on Earth, mutants quickly regain their powers – Mystique slips out of her prison cell undetected, and Lorna crushes Magistrate resistance disguised as Magneto by an image inducer.

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