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The Hunt for Xavier is on and the X-Men split up to follow up on clues as to where their mentor is now.

The X-Men are reunited and the dream is at last reborn, but one person is still missing, the man who dreamed the dream to begin with, Professor Charles Xavier. Pyro has gone on a rampage creating fires all over the clean fields of Nebraska and with his tragic case of the Legacy Virus reaching it's final stages this may be more than the X-Men can handle, The X-Men are called upon S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Nicholas Fury to help distinguish Pyro's flames, rescue the people he almost slaughtered and the most important thing, figure out why he is doing this, but for some reason their is only one name Pyro seems to only call in his hellish crusade, the name that brought the X-Men into existence,the name of one of the most greatest people on Earth, The Hunt For Xavier beings here!.

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