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As Operation Zero Tolerance rages on, Rogue, Joseph, Gambit, Spat, and Grovel find themselves in the custody of the robot called Nanny.

In an Antarctic cavern that was once Magneto's base, the X-Men Rogue, Gambit and Magneto and the bounty hunters Spat and Grovel, are confronted and depowered by the robot, Nanny. Unable to fight, they surrender.

Somewhere in space, Deathbird treats the injured Bishop, falsely telling him his fellow X-Men died when their ship was torn apart.

While Nanny's prisoners are chained, Rogue suddenly re-enacts a memory Gambit has of Sabertooth. Elsewhere, Nanny shows the frustrated Joseph news reports about Operation: Zero Tolerance. For some reason, an image of Moira MacTaggert instills in him a craving for revenge. Soon, Beast is captured by Nanny's cyborgs.

In New York, Archangel and Psylocke return to their apartment from their adventure in the Crimson Dawn; however, she spots something outside the window and vanishes.

Back in the cavern, Spat taunts Gambit about the unsavory deeds he committed, and for which she was hired to capture him, while a sleeping Rogue acts out a memory of Gambit comforting and apologizing to someone named Sarah. Rogue awakens and asks Remy what the memories mean, but he refuses to answer. Instead, finally able to touch each other without the negative effect of Rogue's powers, they spend the night together.

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