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After tasting victory, the X-Men head straight into another disaster. Meanwhile, someone or something has been tailing Joseph…

Part 1 - In Guatemala, Sister Maria de la Joya is pursued by a cybernetic ape seeking Joseph. The cyborg is subdued by two large slug-like creatures belonging to a strange man who also wants to find Joseph.

On the Shi'ar Throneworld, Lilandra hosts a celebration for their liberation from the Phalanx by the X-Men. As Joseph expresses to Rogue his displeasure with the festivities amid so much death, Gambit cathartically digs a grave for the fallen, but can't let go of his guilt for deeds unrevealed.

The next morning, Lilanda sees off the X-Men, as they board a transport for home, guided by Deathbird.

Part 2 - During a lull on the voyage home, Deathbird, having admired Bishop's prowess in battle, attempts to seduce him, but the ship is caught in the gravitational wake of a massive war vessel Deathbird believes is headed toward Earth. Beast, at the controls, tries to reach the stargate before the warship, but can't make it before the portal is destroyed.

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