renchamp's The Uncanny X-Men #272 - The X-Tinction Agenda (Part 7): Capital Crimes review

A Mixed Bag

I think the X-Men books are the best of the three teams involved in the X-Tinction Agenda story arc, but this issue had me scratching my head a little bit.  The art and writing in this portion of the arc has been the best, yet I can't get over one scene in which Archangel and Wolverine fight each other.  In the last X-Factor issue, Wolverine (without his healing powers) was lying on a bed with blood dripping everywhere.  Jean could feel Logan dying.  Yet, for all this pathos, Wolverine is still able to fight Archangel tooth and nail.  Sure, the man is an animal with killer instincts, but a woman had just beaten Wolvie up in the court room, why couldn't Warren finish the job?  Besides this odd departure from the main story, this issue still stands head and shoulders above the others. 

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