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This book injects exactly what the arc needed: Wolverine.  Yes, over-used at times, but it was about time someone just started ripping people up.  Unabashed attacks is what is really needed against Hodge and Co. and Wolvie's got that in spades.  Also, I enjoyed that Claremont didn't try to fit every person in this book just because they are involved in the arc.  Because X-Factor is completely left out (mentioned once, I believe) the pacing is perfect and the reader is able to get to the ending without feeling rushed, which is great because the end is the real kicker for the story.
Speaking of, I'll also mention that this book gives a good example on why a reader should not breeze through the story.  Admittedly, I've read this arc before and I always thought it felt hackneyed.  The reason for that was because I was cruising through the story and simply enjoying the plot.  Well, this time through I'm noticing the pictures more (seeing how the pictures are an incredible part of the medium) and I've noticed nuanced clues that should tip the reader off to future elements of the story.  So, while this issue would normally garner an nine out of ten, I'm giving a perfect score for helping me appreciate comics more.


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